We Are Seven is a one-woman art studio currently producing books, comics, and graphic novels. This blog chronicles my progress.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


"Ultima Esperanza" has a two-in-one set. Fox's room segments will be filmed first, then Ultima's flooring and wall-hangings will be added and filmed afterward.

<- Ultima's floor will be carpeted in the dark gray fabric shown here. I should have spread it out to give you a better idea of what it'll look like - but it's gorgeous material. Deep, lightly textured, with just a bit of shine.

Fox, on the other hand, has a more time-consuming bedroom floor. His is tiled, and the tiles--such as they are--come from the insides of dozens of soymilk cartons. Yes, these things. I still need about 15 more cartons to finish the floor.

(Note: The tiles in this image are placed, not permanently adhered. It'll look better when it's finished - I swear.)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Read the Instructions!

I decided I needed a toaster oven for the polymer clay parts of my puppets, because heating up the kitchen oven for such small pieces was a waste (not to mention the health warnings against using the same oven for food and clay). So I bought one. I set it up. I read the directions. I re-read the directions. Then I put my pieces in to bake.

They burned to a crisp (see "after" in the image below).

After grieving over the hour or so of work I'd lost in mixing the clay to a matching shade of gray, I decided that the oven must be broken, or have some bad wiring. I mean, I'd put it in for less than the recommended time, and it was burned to the point of complete discoloration. I decided to return it.

Before I did, though, I re-re-read the instructions. Not surprisingly, when I'd read the numbers before, I'd switched the times between the different temperatures--despite my foreseeing such a thing and trying to prevent it. Sometimes I really think I must be dyslexic.

[And now, the power of MS Paint allows you to see what I'm talking about. The large "before" piece is the color that the smaller pieces were before they went in the oven. I decided to paint them rather than make new ones.]