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Monday, February 8, 2010

Paper Cut-Out Animation

Here's something new to add to my List of Things I've Learned from this project:
I hate drawing on the computer.

About two weeks ago, I realized I had come to hate working on this video. So close to the finish line, I decided to sit down and figure out why. After all the time and setbacks that've gone into this so far, why now? Having finished filming the puppets, I was then working on the computer (moving between Adobe -which I tend to hate- and Gimp -which I tend to like), mouse-drawing frames for the two dimensional animation portions of the video.

Rather than gritting my teeth and trudging on, I listened to some good advice, and decided to alter the situation that I had come to dread. So, I chucked a couple weeks' worth of work out the window, sat down, and started physically drawing instead.

I love it.

Not only did I do more in A DAY than I'd accomplished in the week beforehand, but I enjoyed it. A couple weeks later, I'm still enjoying this new animation process. Aside from the sketchbooks I made as a young 'un, I'd never animated drawings before, and didn't think I could. In just under two weeks, I've gotten pretty good, if I say so myself. Better than I ever thought I could, anyway.

Here's an picture of the raw beginnings.

Today my grandmother reminded me to take my time (i.e., do it properly) and enjoy myself when I told her "I'm ALMOST there!" She's right, of course, but I continue to feel nervous about my progress and my ability to not sabotage myself. Still, if I'm rational about it all, I have to admit everything is coming together.