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Thursday, September 1, 2011

A wig and a torso

Now that my Emmy is officially a resin, ball-jointed doll, she needs some hair (and eyes... but we'll get to that).

I pulled from a few online tutorials and came up with the following:
It looked so pretty long, but I had to give her a trim.
I may make another one, as flakes of tacky glue are visible on this wig. The Nikon picks up every dust particle, so glue flakes will make Emmy look like she suffers from the Worst Dandruff on Earth.
Or I might let just her have dandruff. The list of things I need to do and fix before the next comic panel is complete just keeps growing...

Anyway, my male puppet is well under construction. Behold, the three-part torso:
And disassembled

For the sake of efficiency (and getting this next panel done before Christmas), I may simply re-use Emmy's legs. He'll be slightly shorter than I originally intended, but it might be the best option at the moment. After all, it isn't only time that I'm running short on. Making new molds is expensive (especially on an ever-shrinking budget).

Watch out for more body parts, wigs, and -hopefully- CLOTHES.