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Friday, September 18, 2009

Filming At Last

Wow. Long time no post.

Let me first apologise for not having any pictures. My point-and-shoot finally died after a drawn-out and probably painful stumble toward oblivion, so I have nothing but the Nikon, and that is busy filming the video.

Things have gone pretty well so far. My monopod, which I made (with help from my ever-helpful grandfather) out of a desk lamp doesn't work for stop-motion shooting. It trembles ever so slightly, making it useless. Still, my super-adjustable tripod is working just fine, though I'm perpetually worried that my clumsy self will knock it and ruin hours of work. I need to remember to find a solution to that ...

I battled with numerous software programs before finding one that works. I also downloaded a multiple-image resizer, which makes life much easier.

In other, non-Ultima Esperanza news, I have the armature for my next puppet. My grandfather made it for me (more thanks to him!), but I'll be buying the next one. I just can't put him through that much trouble on my account.

I'll try to take pictures of everything for the next update, and I'll try to make sure I update again soon...ish.