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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Monday - Puppet Desk

I didn't finish the puppet hair yet.

However, I did visit my grandparents yesterday, and look at what my grandfather had for me:

The female puppet's desk. :)
(sans paint--working on that)

This desk is largely a model of the desk I used all through high school. It was sturdy, big, and bulky. It was the kind of piece that stayed around for years, bearing the etchings of its various owners in its decade-old varnish. As everything in Ultima's (female puppet) room is slightly out-of-date, it seemed appropriate.

The male puppet's desk, which is much more sleek and modern, needs three remaining pieces before I can assemble it. After that, I have only to make the chairs, computers, a bulletin board, and two puppet cores (inner torsos, that is).

It's getting very close to film time.

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