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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Six-Month Update (that has nothing to do with Ultima) Part II

Continuing from Part One.

Once I had a working armature, everything fell into place quickly.
The wire frame is wrapped in poly-fiber filling (thank you, old pillow, for giving your life to this noble purpose), which is then wrapped in gauze.
For the hands and arms, I created a wire base,
and covered it with polymer and masking tape. Afterward (unshown) I trimmed, sanded, and painted them.

I made a head out of polymer and paper mache, and used the same wig I'd made for the styrofoam head (seen here modeled on an older polymer head).
I'd constructed a basic (but conveniently collapsible) set in Florida, and put the finishing touches on it back home in North Carolina.

Behold the collapsibility.

The furniture is made out of cardboard colored with pastel crayons. I may not be able to use them as an artist, but I think my artisan skills are definitely improving. There are advantages to not being able to get any worse.

The prologue to Emmy: Self-Titled is all but finished. I need only two more panels (which involve the creation of two more dolls, both of which are underway). The storyline has, I assure you, improved since it's conception way back in the bored and confused mind of a duel-enrolled college student sitting in a remedial math class.

If you'd like a sample, here's one from my Deviant Art account.
Or, if you'd rather not, I can just link to it.

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