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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pleiades Illustrations

The publication of Pleiades: Seven Stories of Unhurried Solitude, is still on schedule, but the parts I thought would take the most time have been the fastest to complete, and the parts I thought would be a breeze have taken me the longest. The audiobook still isn't finished and available, but the final editing took very little time at all. In fact, what ended up slowing down the book's release (though not beyond the expected date) was the insertion of the illustrations.

Although I originally planned to have a total of five, for various reasons I ended up having to cut the number. I chose the two I liked best, and, unless I'm absolutely unable to put them in the book without distorting them, the following two images will be the final illustrations.

Pleiades, chapter 7 illustration

Pleiades, chapter 1 illustration

Hope you like. :)

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