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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Two New Polymer Bodies

Continuing from Two New Faces

 With new faces must come new bodies, right?

The crucial parts of a ball-jointed doll are the joints. For mine, I've been using wood beads. To accommodate the movement of the elastic through the joint, I've widened the bead holes into slits using a small bow saw.

 Initially, I made a mold from one of these modified beads, and cast a few resin replicas, but I ultimately couldn't justify the extra time, work, and resources when wood joints work just as well.

For the bodies, I've been using Super Sculpey. On these arms and legs (as well as Morgan's torso), however, some quickly-made terra cotta sculpey will do. At least, for the moment.

And here are the crudely-hewn but very useful new bodies for Saterlee and Morgan. Sans hands.

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