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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

June-July recap

This past month has been busy. I've visited two states, 1000 miles apart from each other, to see two seperate segments of my family. I've tried in vain to get a "real" job to support my really real job. I've cut more little silver tiles out of soymilk cartons than I can count.

These are thing things still on the "Ultima Esperanza" to-do list:

- finish hamster cage
- adhere arm and leg plates to puppets' arms and legs
- ask my grandfather to build a chair to match the desk
- attach all the titles to the floor
- scan and print miniature items for miniature bulletin board
- make and attach puppet forearms
- scrap the old miniature computers and make new ones (again)
- finish the flexible camera mount

It's become a short list. I'm doing my best to make it shorter. Meanwhile, I'm also creating OOAK dolls to put up on Etsy to try and make at least a little cash. I'll post a link to my store as soon as I have the first one listed.

Now back to the studio to work on the hamster cage and bake the polymer hamsters.

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