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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let the Pouring Commence

Last blog, I showed off my almost-ready Super Sculpey ball-jointed doll original (namely created for the comic "Emmy: Self-Titled"). She needed a few updates on her limbs, but otherwise, she was a functional puppet.
Here's the finished original:

The next step was to cast the parts, creating silicone molds so that I could then re-make the doll with resin.

This, predictably, did not go smoothly.

The online tutorials I used were great, but I somehow managed to buy mold release that didn't work. After a few very frustrated attempts to make a two-piece mold, a couple people on The Joint suggested I use Vaseline instead of mold release. It worked splendidly, and since then everything's been going well.

My lil' Lego mold. That's a forearm you're looking at.

Side one is complete.

I started to get a little creative with the configurations. I had only so many Legos, after all.

It took many molds (16 total), but my Emmy is finally ready to be cast. Behold:

Another noteworthy update: I've managed to secure myself a rather fantastic boyfriend, who is so supportive of my puppet-making endeavors that he's volunteered to be a studio assistant. He'll be coming over today to help me make my masterpiece. :)

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