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Sunday, January 13, 2013

It has arrived.

Yes, after a long wait, Pleiades has arrived.

I was immediately disappointed to see that it needed another correction.

I was also so displeased with the quality of one of the illustrations, that I intended to remove both of them. My editor disagreed with me on this one, and we debated on it for a while. I acknowledge that I might have a more critical eye than anyone reading it, but said that I'd never be able to rest easy knowing that 'poor quality' image was included. I argued that it didn't look like something that would come from a proper publisher (though in hindsight, I take that back). Finally he said, "don't let perfection be the enemy of good."
He really liked the illustrations, and thought I'd be diminishing the quality of the book by removing them, not improving it.

So I conceded, provided I could put a frame around the image to seperate the illustration's "white" background from the white of the page.

So here's hoping the next "final test" will be the last one, and that it won't take 52 days to get here.

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