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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Updates from The American Spinster

Have you been keeping up with our sister blog, The American Spinster? In addition to two new comics, this new website has started putting out Spinster How-To guides and Spinsterly Reads.

 Spinster How-To

The Spinster How-To section provides helpful advice on tackling the daily struggles of "adulting" on one's own.

Want to rent an apartment without looking like a n00b? The American Spinster has you covered. Check out this new guide series every Monday.

The American Spinster Book Reviews

Spinsterly Reads, posted every Friday, offer some weekend reading that pertains the the spinster lifestyle.

 The reviews here cover the selected book's basic synopsis, and delve into why it's of interest to the single, childfree woman.

The American Spinster: Comics

 And like I mentioned, there are two new comics. If you've ever caught yourself thinking, "The internet really needs more handcrafted paper doll comics addressing the unmarried adult demographic," this comic was made for you.

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